Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 19

Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 19
Click ‘Browse’ button first, you’ll be prompted to provide the filename of firmware
upgrade file. Please download the latest firmware file from our website, and use it to
upgrade your router.
After a firmware upgrade file is selected, click ‘Apply button, and the router will start
firmware upgrade procedure automatically. The procedure may take several minutes,
please be patient.
NOTE: Never interrupt the upgrade procedure by closing the web browser or
physically disconnect your computer from router. If the firmware you uploaded is
corrupt, the firmware upgrade will fail, and you may have to return this router to
the dealer of purchase to ask for help. (Warranty voids if you interrupted the
upgrade procedure).
NOTE: It’s recommended to use wired Ethernet connection to upload the
firmware file, please refrain from using wireless connection to upload the
firmware file. Also, please do not switch the broadband router or computer you
used to upload the firmware file off during firmware upgrade. This will cause
broadband router become malfunction and unusable.