Edimax BR-6324nL Datasheet Page: 1

Edimax BR-6324nL Datasheet Page: 1
Wireless IEEE802.11 b/g
Broadband Router
* The EZMax Setup CD Wizard only supports Edimax wireless routers.
Compatible with IEEE802.11n Broadband Router
Edimax BR-6324nL is a high speed solution for home and small business. BR-6324nL complies with wireless IEEE
802.11b/g and compatible with IEEE 802.11n standard. With advanced MIMO technology, it's wireless data
transmission rate can be better coverage than a standard 802.11g/b router. BR-6324nL is a high performance
and cost-effective solution for home and small business.
Edimax EZView and Remote Management
Edimax EZView is a new enhanced management system in BR-6324nL which allows you to manage your router
locally or remotely from the Internet. UPnP compatible devices are automatically detected and information
about the device will be listed in the management interface of the router. You will be able to directly manage
device information like IP address, bandwidth control, open ports and DMZ.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
Press the WPS button to activate the wireless protection. One-Click WPS button helps you to setup a secure
wireless network in a minute.
Easy Setup with EZMax Multi-language Installation CD *
A unique Multi-language Setup Wizard is provided in the installation CD. You can setup the router to the
Internet within minutes by following the simple animated steps.
Switch for Wireless ON/OFF
EDIMAX BR-6324nL features a control button on its back panel to enable you easily switch on/off the Wi-Fi
wireless connection. When you want to use only wired connection, you can simply pause the Wi-Fi option by
pressing the button without making any extra setting .
Maximum performance, actual data rates and coverage may vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors. Stated ranges are based on
independent test results and are not guaranteed. Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Copyright © 2012 Edimax
Technology Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.