Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 8

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 8
During transportation, protec-
tive packaging was used to
protect the appliance against
any damage. After unpack-
ing, please dispose of all
elements of packaging in a
way that will not cause dam-
age to the environment.
All materials used for packaging the appli-
ance are environmentally friendly; they are
100% recyclable and are marked with the
appropriate symbol.
Caution! During unpacking, the packag-
ing materials (polythene bags, polystyrene
pieces, etc.) should be kept out of reach of
Old appliances should not sim-
ply be disposed of with normal
household waste, but should
be delivered to a collection and
recycling centre for electric and
electronic equipment. A symbol
shown on the product, the in-
struction manual or the packag-
ing shows that it is suitable for recycling.
Materials used inside the appliance are
recyclable and are labelled with information
concerning this. By recycling materials or
other parts from used devices you are making
a signiî‚¿cant contribution to the protection of
our environment.
Information on appropriate disposal centres
for used devices can be provided by your
local authority.