Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 7

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 7
Using energy in a respon-
sible way not only saves
money but also helps the
environment. So let’s save
energy! And this is how you
can do it:
Use proper pans for cooking.
Pans with thick, at bases can save up to 1/3
on electric energy. Remember to cover pans
if possible otherwise you will use four times
as much energy!
Match the size of the saucepan to the
surface of the heating zone.
A saucepan should never be smaller than a
heating zone.
Ensure heating zones and pan bases
are clean.
Soils can prevent heat transfer – and repeat-
edly burnt–on spillages can often only be
removed by products which cause damage
to the environment.
Do not uncover the pan too often
(a watched pot never boils!).
Do not open the oven door unnecessarily
Switch o the oven in good time and
make use of residual heat.
For long cooking times, switch o heating
zones 5 to 10 minutes before nishing cook-
ing. This saves up to 20% on energy.
Only use the oven when cooking larger
Meat of up to 1 kg can be prepared more
economically in a pan on the cooker hob.
Make use of residual heat from the
If the cooking time is greater than 40 minutes
switch o the oven 10 minutes before the
end time.
Only grill with the ultrafan after closing
the oven door.
Make sure the oven door is properly
Heat can leak through spillages on the door
seals. Clean up any spillages immediately.
Do not install the cooker in the direct
vicinity of refrigerators/freezers.
Otherwise energy consumption increases