Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 28

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 28
Door removal
In order to obtain easier access to the oven
chamber for cleaning, it is possible to remove
the door. To do this, tilt the safety catch part
of the hinge upwards (g. A). Close the door
lightly, lift and pull it out towards you. In order
to t the door back on to the cooker, do the
inverse. When tting, ensure that the notch of
the hinge is correctly placed on the protrusion
of the hinge holder. After the door is tted to
the oven, the safety catch should be carefully
lowered down again. If the safety catch is not
set it may cause damage to the hinge when
closing the door.
Removing the inner panel
1. Using a at screwdriver unhook the up-
per door slat, prying it gently on the sides
(g. B).
2. Pull the upper door slat loose. (g. B, C)
Tilting the hinge safety catches