Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 27

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 27
Do not use any abrasive agents, harsh de-
tergents or abrasive objects for cleaning.
Only use warm water with a small addition
of dishwashing liquid to clean the front
of the appliance. Do not use washing
powders or creams.
The oven should be cleaned after every
use. When cleaning the oven the lighting
should be switched on to enable you to
see the surfaces better.
The oven chamber should only be washed
with warm water and a small amount of
washing-up liquid.
Steam cleaning:
- pour 250ml of water (1 glass) into a bowl
placed in the oven on the rst level from
the bottom,
- close the oven door,
- set the temperature knob to 50°C, and
the function knob to the bottom heater
position ,
- heat the oven chamber for approximately
30 minutes,
- open the oven door, wipe the chamber
inside with a cloth or sponge and wash us-
ing warm water with washing-up liquid.
Caution! Possible moisture or water
residues under the cooker can result from
steam cleaning.
After cleaning the oven chamber wipe it
Replacement of the oven light bulb
In order to avoid the possibility of an
electric shock ensure that the appliance
is switched o before replacing the bulb.
Set all control knobs to the position ”/“0”
and disconnect the mains plug,
unscrew and wash the lamp cover and
then wipe it dry.
unscrew the light bulb from the socket,
replace the bulb with a new one – a high
temperature bulb (300°C) with the follow-
ing parameters:
- voltage 230 V
- power 25 W
- thread E14.
Screw the bulb in, making sure it is prop-
erly inserted into the ceramic socket.
Screw in the lamp cover.