Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 26

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 26
By ensuring proper cleaning and mainte-
nance of your cooker you can have a sig-
nicant inuence on the continuing fault-free
operation of your appliance.
Before you start cleaning, the cooker must
be switched o and you should ensure
that all knobs are set to the “”/“0” posi-
tion. Do not start cleaning until the cooker
has completely cooled.
Scraper for cleaning the hob
Ceramic hob
The hob should be cleaned regularly after
each use. If possible, it is recommended
that the hob is washed while still warm
(after the heating zone indicator goes
o). Do not allow the hob to get heavily
stained; particualrly from burnt–on spill-
ages from boiled over liquids.
When cleaning do not use cleaning
agents with a strong abbrasive eect,
such as e.g. scouring powders contain-
ing an abrasive, abrasive compounds,
abrasive stones, pumice stones, wire
brushes and so on. They may scratch the
hob surface, causing irreversible dam-
Large spillages that are rmly stuck to the
hob can be removed by a special scraper;
but be careful not to damage the ceramic
hob frame when doing this.
Caution! The sharp blade should always
be protected by adjusting the cover (just
push it with your thumb). Injuries are pos-
sible so be careful when using this instru-
ment – keep out of reach of children.
Appropriate light cleaning or washing
products are recommended, such as e.g.
any kind of liquids or emulsions for fat
removal. If the recommended products
are not available, it is advisable to use a
solution of warm water with a little wash-
ing–up liquid or cleaning products for
stainless steel sinks.