Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 21

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 21
we recommend using the baking trays which were provided with your cooker;
it is also possible to bake in cake tins and trays bought elsewhere which should be
put on the drying rack; for baking it is better to use black trays which conduct heat
better and shorten the baking time;
shapes and trays with bright or shiny surfaces are not recommended when using the
conventional heating method (top and bottom heaters), use of such tins can result in
undercooking the base of cakes;
when using the ultra-fan function it is not necessary to initially heat up the oven
chamber, for other types of heating you should warm up the oven chamber before
the cake is inserted;
before the cake is taken out of the oven, check if it is ready using a wooden stick (if
the cake is ready the stick should come out dry and clean after being inserted into
the cake);
after switching o the oven it is advisable to leave the cake inside for about 5 min.;
temperatures for baking with the ultra-fan function are usually around 20 – 30 degrees
lower than in normal baking (using top and bottom heaters);
the baking parameters given in Table are approximate and can be corrected based
on your own experience and cooking preferences;
if information given in recipe books is signicantly dierent from the values included
in this instruction manual, please apply the instructions from the manual.
Roasting meat
cook meat weighing over 1 kg in the oven, but smaller pieces should be cooked on
the gas burners.
use heatproof ovenware for roasting, with handles that are also resistant to high
when roasting on the drying rack or the grate we recommend that you place a baking
tray with a small amount of water on the lowest level of the oven;
it is advisable to turn the meat over at least once during the roasting time and during
roasting you should also baste the meat with its juices or with hot salty water – do
not pour cold water over the meat.