Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 20

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 20
Switching on the oven is indicated by two
signal lights, R, L, turning on. The R light
turned on means the oven is working. If the L
light goes out, it means the oven has reached
the set temperature. If a recipe recommends
placing dishes in a warmed-up oven, this
should be not done before the L light goes out
for the rst time. When baking, the Llight will
temporarily come on and go out (to maintain
the temperature inside the oven). The R sig-
nal light may also turn on at the knob position
of “oven chamber lighting”.
Top and bottom heaters on
Set the knob in this position for co-
nventional baking. This setting is ideal
for baking cakes, meat, sh, bread
and pizza (it is necessary to preheat
the oven and use a baking tray) on
one oven level.
Top heater, bottom heater and fan
are on.
This knob setting is most suitable
for baking cakes. Convection baking
(recommended for baking).
Independent oven lighting
Set the knob in this position to light up
the oven interior.
ECO Heating
This is an optimised heating function
designed to save energy when prepa-
ring food. When using this function, the
oven light is intentionally left o.
Use of the grill
The grilling process operates through infrared
rays emitted onto the dish by the incandes-
cent grill heater.
In order to switch on the grill you need to:
Set the oven knob to the position marked
Heat the oven for approx. 5 minutes (with
the oven door shut).
Insert a tray with a dish onto the appropriate
cooking level; and if you are grilling on the
grate insert a tray for dripping on the level
immediately below (under the grate).
Close the oven door.
For grilling with the function grill and
combined grill the temperature must be
set to 250ºC, but for the function fan and
grill it must be set to a maximum of 190ºC.
When using function grill it is
recommended that the oven
door is closed.
When the grill is in use ac-
cessible parts can become
It is best to keep children
away from the oven.