Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 2

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 2
The cooker is exceptionally easy to use and extremely ecient. After reading the instruction
manual, operating the cooker will be easy.
Before being packaged and leaving the manufacturer, the cooker was thoroughly checked
with regard to safety and functionality.
Before using the appliance, please read the instruction manual carefully.
By following these instructions carefully you will be able to avoid any problems in using the
It is important to keep the instruction manual and store it in a safe place so that it can be
consulted at any time.
It is necessary to follow the instructions in the manual carefully in order to avoid possible
Do not use the cooker until you have read this instruction manual.
The cooker is intended for household use only.
The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes which do not aect the
operation of the appliance.