Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 14

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 14
Electronic programmer
– functions
OK – function selection button
< – “–” button
> – “+” button
Setting the time
After connection to the mains or reconnection
after a power cut the display shows ash 0.00:
The timer can be activated at any time, re-
gardless of the status of other functions. The
timer can be set for from 1 minute to up to 23
hours and 59 minutes.
To set the timer you should:
Press button OK, then the display will show
ashing ,
set the timer using buttons > and <.
The time set is shown on the display and the
signal function is on.
Press button OK, < or > in order to switch
o the signal, the signal function will go out
and the display will show the current time.
If the alarm signal is not turned o manually,
it will be turned o automatically after approx.
7 minutes.
Press and hold OK (or simultaneously
press < and >) until you will see on the
display and the dot below the symbol is
Press < or > within 7 seconds to set the
current time.
To store the new time setting, wait approxi-
mately 7 seconds after time has been set.
The dot below the symbol will stop ashing.
You can adjust the time later. To do this press
< and >, simultaneously and adjust the cur-
rent time while the dot below the symbol
is ashing.