Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 11

Amica 608CE2TAW User manual Page: 11
Installing the cooker
The kitchen should be dry and airy and
have eective ventilation according to the
existing technical provisions.
The room should be equipped with a ven-
tilation system that pipes away exhaust
fumes created during combustion. This
system should consist of a ventilation
grid or hood. Hoods should be installed
according to the manufacturer’s instruc-
tions. The cooker should be placed so
as to ensure free access to all control
Coating or veneer used on tted furniture
must be applied with a heat resistant
adhesive (100°C). This prevents surface
deformation or detachment of the coat-
ing. If you are unsure of your furniture’s
heat resistance, you should leave ap-
proximately 2 cm of free space around
the cooker. The wall behind the cooker
should be resistant to high temperatures.
During operation, its back side can warm
up to around 50°C above the ambient
The cooker should stand on a hard, even
oor (do not put it on a base).
Before you start using the cooker it should
be leveled, which is particularly important
for fat distribution in a frying pan. To this
purpose, adjustable feet are accessible
after removal of the drawer. The adjust-
ment range is +/- 5 mm.
Anti-tilt protection
CAUTION! You must install the anti-tilt pro-
tection. If you do not install it, the appliance
can tilt.
The appliance must be secured by using
the safety chain (supplied and mounted to
cooker rear).
Fasten hook to the kitchen wall and connect
safety chain to the hook.