Hunter Industries FLOW-SYNC HFS Owners Manual Page: 14

WARNING! Flow-Sync is only designed for
low-voltage connection to approved irrigation
controller flow terminals. Do not install in high-
voltage 110V or 230V circuits.
Flow-Sync has two wire leads for the controller
connection. These may be extended up to 1000
ft/300 m from the controller with direct burial-
rated 18 AWG (1 mm) wires. Flow-Sync may also
be used with Hunter ICD-SEN sensor decoders.
Wiring the Sensor
The red and black lead wires from the Flow-Sync
Sensor are for DC voltage. The red wire is positive
(+) and the black wire is negative (-).
When extending the wires to reach the controller
flow sensor connection, the red and black wire
polarity must be observed. Use an extension wire
that has a similar color code.
Connect the red lead from the sensor to the red
(+) flow terminal in the controller. Connect the
black lead from the sensor to the black (-)
terminal in the controller. Use only quality
waterproof connectors for all wire connections
In the ACC controller, the terminals are marked
“Flow”, one for red and one for black.