Hunter Industries FLOW-SYNC HFS Owners Manual Page: 10

Example: FCT-200 is installed in a 2"/50 mm
diameter pipe. The tee should have 20"/50
cm of straight pipe upstream, and 10"/25 cm
straight pipe downstream.
Install the Flow-Sync and FCT assembly in a
sturdy irrigation valve box.
Flow-Sync has an impeller which will turn in
the flow of water. If the water source is not a
public water supply, add a filter upstream from
the Master Valve and Flow-Sync to protect
the impeller from rocks or stones, which may
damage the impeller.
The FCT tee fitting is designed for glue (“slip”)
connection. Use approved PVC solvent-welding
glue to install either threaded fittings, or directly
into the irrigation pipe if desired.
Metric thread adapters are available and are
listed in this manual on page 8.
Avoid excess glue when attaching
fittings. Uncured blobs of excess glue
on the fitting’s interior can interfere
with paddlewheel operation.