Hunter Industries WFS-R Owners Manual Page: 8

Install the FCT tee fitting first, then install the WFS sensor into the
Observe the following general rules when choosing
the sensor location and preparing to install:
Conduct a site survey to verify RF coverage. Install the wireless
receiver at the controller. Install batteries in sensor/transmitter,
and take to desired installation location.
Spin impeller by hand, and have assistant verify that green light
is flashing at the receiver when the impeller is rotated.
Flush the irrigation system with the plug in place before
installing the WFS sensor, to prevent damage to the impeller.
Always install WFS together with a master valve to provide over-
flow protection.
Install the WFS and master valve as close to the water supply
point of connection as possible.
WFS requires a section of straight pipe on either side of the tee
fitting to provide accurate measurement of flow. Tees, ells,
and other fittings cause turbulence, which affects accuracy.
There must be a length of straight pipe at least 10 times the
diameter of the pipe upstream from the WFS (toward the water
There must be a length of straight pipe at least 5 times the
diameter of the pipe in the downstream direction (toward the
Example: FCT-200 is installed in a 2"/50 mm diameter pipe.
The tee should have 20"/50 cm of straight pipe upstream, and
10"/25 cm straight pipe downstream.
Install the WFS and FCT assembly in a sturdy irrigation valve box.
WFS has an impeller, which will turn with the flow of water. If the
water source is not a public water supply, add a filter upstream
from the master valve and WFS to protect the impeller from
rocks or stones, which may damage the impeller.
The FCT tee fitting is designed for glue (“slip") connection.
Use approved PVC solvent-welding glue to install either slip x
threaded fittings, or directly into the irrigation pipe if desired.
Metric thread adapters are available and are listed in this manual
on page 7.
NOTE: Avoid excess glue when attaching fittings. Uncured
blobs of excess glue on the fitting’s interior can interfere
with paddlewheel operation.