Hunter Industries WFS-R Owners Manual Page: 16

Problem Cause Solution
WFS not reading Water shut o Verify that no isolation valves are closed, and that the water source is on.
Controller not congured Check controller ow sensor setup. Enter sensor size (and location for sensor
decoders) and other sensor information as required.
Damaged sensor, Impeller
damage (debris in water)
or WFS electronics damage
Turn o water supply, remove and inspect impeller. Verify that it spins freely and has
no visible damage.
Mismatching radio channels Verify that the channel setting through the dipswitches for the RX and TX units are
Obstructed line of sight Verify that the TX and RX units are not placed more than 500 feet away from each
other and there is clear line of sight.
Radio interference Verify that any electrical or RF interference sources are away from the controller.
Change channels if required.
Dead battery Replace battery.