Hunter Industries WFS-R Owners Manual Page: 13

I-Core Controller
After applying power to either the sensor/transmitter or receiver, wait a minimum of 10 seconds for the power up sequence to complete.
During this time there will be one or more LED blinks before the unit is ready for operation.
Low Battery Indication (Sensor/Transmitter):
The receiver LED will flash red twice every 3 seconds to indicate a low or discharged battery. This battery status update will occur only
during flow conditions. The sensor/transmitter will operate for a minimum of 2 years on a D cell lithium battery and 6 months on the AA
alkaline battery pack.
When flow is occurring the sensor/transmitter will transmit sensor
information at a maximum rate (depending on flow) of once every
5 seconds. The receiver LED will flash green at the same rate to
indicate that flow is occurring.
Proper irrigation system design and operation assures optimum
performance of the WFS in monitoring for potential high flow
conditions. WFS is primarily designed to shut off the irrigation
system in the event of a catastrophic system failure such as a main
line or lateral line break. However, depending upon the design
of the irrigation system, the WFS can offer increased
protection when components such as sprays or rotors are
damaged or removed due to vandalism. The following may
be helpful in making your WFS operate at its optimum level.