Hunter Industries Soil-Clik SC PROBE Owners Manual Page: 13

App Programming
The SC-PROBE checks the soil moisture level right before
scheduled irrigation. When the sensor is active (i.e., the
set point has been reached or the threshold is exceeded),
the app’s dashboard screen displays the controller status
as “Suspended” with “Soil Moisture Sensor” as the cause
in the status description
When the soil dries below the set point, the controller
automatically switches to auto status and normal
irrigation resumes. To override irrigation, press the Turn
O button in soil moisture sensor settings. This allows
irrigation to run without soil moisture shutdown.
Thank You
The SC-PROBE is an eective and proven device for
NODE-BT controllers that increases water savings when
used with the in-app Monthly Seasonal Adjustment
feature. NODE-BT and SC-PROBE can be used in
conjunction with Rain-Clik®, Mini-Clik®, Freeze-Clik®,
or Wind-Clik® wired weather sensors for maximum
water savings.