Hunter Industries Soil-Clik Owners Manual Page: 23

Plants are too dry
Moisture level setting too low
Sensor in wrong location
Increase arrows (+ button)
Move sensor or valve wires; sensor must be
in last zone to water
Plants are too wet
Moisture level setting too high
Sensor in wrong location
Pause mode has been set
Decrease arrows (- button)
Move sensor to a sunnier location
Turn o Pause
Moisture level seems incorrect
Incorrect sensor installation/placement Ensure full soil contact with sensor
Check sensor wiring
Moisture always at maximum
or minimum
Failed sensor Use handheld sensor meter to verify
Replace sensor probe (P/N. SC-PROBE)
Alarm symbol is displayed
Module failure Replace module (P/N. SC-MOD)
Module display is blank
Power failure Check power connection to host controller
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