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DFS 2 040-2/0,30-A
sensitive to pulsating and alternating currents Type A
Article number 09136601
Residual current circuit-breakers (RCCBs) are components for implementing protective measure "Automatic disconnection of the power
supply" as per VDE 0100 part 410 or corresponding international installation regulations. Series DFS 2 devices are compact two-pole
residual current circuit-breakers for single-phase networks. In the standard design, they only take up two module-width units of space.
In spite of the compact dimensions, a number of different tripping currents and characteristics are available at rated currents, depending
on the design, up to 125 A. They also have large two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-sections, a practical multifunctional switch
toggle and can be provided with pre-prepared labels using free-of-charge software. Switches with residual current characteristic A allow
the mains voltage independent detection of sinusoidal AC currents and pulsating DC residual currents. Any possible additional functions
may be voltage-dependent. Devices in the standard design are intended for monitoring circuits with a rated voltage of 230 V/400 V and a
rated frequency of 50 Hz.
tripping not dependent on mains and auxiliary voltage, sensitive to AC residual currents and pulsating DC residual currents (type A) ,
compact design for all rated currents, high short-circuit resistance, double-sided two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-section and
busbar, switch position indicator, viewing window for labels, multifunction switch toggle with three positions: "on", "off" and "tripped",
also available in the "HD" design, Neutral conductors with standard design left, for two-terminal-pair devices type A/AC/F up to 125 A and
type B/B+ up to 80 A; N-right available at no extra charge.
quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position, supply from any direction
Power supplies to residential and purpose-built buildings as well as industrial facilities with TN-S, TT and TN-C-S networks. In IT networks,
the residual current circuit-breakers of this series can be set to switch off in the event of a second fault, Excluded is the application in TN-
C systems and for the protection of installations in which electronic equipment could generate smooth DC currents or residual currents
with frequencies other than 50 Hz. Comprehensive protection is not provided in this case. For these applications we recommend our AC/
DC sensitive residual current circuit-breakers (Type B or B+).
Automatic reclosing devices DFA, Clamp covers KA, Information stickers HAS, Auxiliary Switches DHi, Software DBS
Technical Data
Technical Data DFS 2 040-2/0,30-A
Series DFS 2 A
Number of poles 2
Residual current type A
Rated current (AC) 40 A
Rated residual current I∆n 0.30 A
Short-time delayed false
Selective false
min. Operating voltage range of
test circuit
100 V
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