Ivy Terrace IVB24FBLSR Use and Care Manual Page: 1

Below are some excellent ways to prolong vibrant colors:
1. Keep your furniture covered
Both in and out of season, we suggest that you keep your furniture covered
when not in use. You can also reduce exposure to direct sunlight by storing
your furniture in a covered area. This will minimize fading and can double
the life of your furniture.
2. Utilize cushions
Cushions not only add color and comfort, but also prevent direct sunlight
from hitting covered areas. We offer a wide range of cushions designed to
form fit each individual piece which are available to purchase through one
of our dealers.
To quickly clean your furniture, simply wipe down with soap and water.
For a deeper clean:
» mix ⅓ bleach and ⅔ water solution
» clean cloth
» soft bristle brush
Wipe on solution with your cloth and let it sit on the lumber for a few minutes
(this will not affect the color). Then, loosen any dirt and debris that may
catch in surface grooves with a soft bristle brush; hose down to rinse.