Caso 13172 Warranty Page: 1

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The Frieling Building 398 York Southern Road Fort Mill, SC 29715 USA
Limited 1 Year Warranty
We provide a 1 year warranty for this product, commencing from the date of sale, for faults
which are attributed to production or material faults.
The warranty does not include damages, which were incurred as a result of improper handling
or use, as well as malfunctions which only have a minor effect on the function or the value of
the device. Consumables, transit damages, in as much as we are not responsible for these, as
well as damages, which were incurred as a result of any repairs that were not performed by us,
are also excluded from the warranty entitlements. This device is designed for use in domestic
situations and has the appropriate performance levels.
Any use in commercial situations is only covered under the warranty to the extent that it would
be comparable with the stresses of being used in a domestic situation. It is not intended for
any additional, commercial use.
In the event of justified complaints, we will repair the faulty device at our discretion or replace
it with a trouble-free device. Any pending faults must be reported within 14 days of delivery.
All further claims are excluded.