LG instruction manuals and user guides

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LG is a Korean corporation that was formerly called Lucky Goldstar. The company is the fourth largest conglomerate corporation of South Korea. The headquarters for LG are located in Seoul. LG has operations located in more than 80 countries throughout the world. The company specializes in chemicals, electronics, and telecom products. There are several subsidiaries of the LG including Zenith, LG Telecom, LG electronics, LG Chem, and LG Display.

The Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corporation was established by LG in the year 1947. LG Chem in the year 1952 became the first South Korean company to enter into the plastics industry. This business was expanded and GoldStar was established. Lak-Hui and Goldstar merged together in the year 1958 to become Lak-Hui GoldStar, which was eventually shortened to simply LG.

The first radio that was manufactured in Korea was produced by Goldstar and many of the consumer electronics that were sold at that time hand the brand name of GoldStar. Some household products that were not available outside of Korea were sold using the Lucky brand name.

For each LG product that is available you will find the user guides extremely easy to follow. The instruction manuals that come with the products can also be seen online for your convenience.